Yinz coming in from out of tahn? We’ve got some recommendations and details!


Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) is the major airport serving Pittsburgh and sits about 20 minutes west of Downtown Pittsburgh. The airport is well served by Ubers, Lyfts, and taxis. There is also an airport bus, the 28X, that goes to and from Downtown, but it’s less than ideal.

If you are driving in, parking in the city is relatively easy with plenty of parking garages located in Downtown and the South Side.


There is plenty to do in Pittsburgh for the weekend so we’d recommend getting in on Friday and staying for at least part of the day on Sunday. The party is Saturday from 6p – 11p.

Getting to the venue

Bottle Rocket Social Hall is located on Arlington Avenue in the Arlington Heights neighborhood of Pittsburgh, south of Downtown across the river.

The venue has a parking lot available that is a 3-5 minute walk away. Keep in mind that Pittsburgh is a hilly city.

If you aren’t driving or don’t want to ask someone to be a DD, Ubers and Lyfts are plentiful in the city and you should have no problem getting to and from the venue.

where to stay

We don’t have a room block because we wanted to you the freedom to choose a hotel and neighborhood that matches your vibe. All of neighborhoods and hotels listed below are within a 15 minute drive of the venue and plenty of other things to do. We’ve listed neighborhoods in a ranking order of where we think you should stay!

The Strip District

The Strip District neighborhood of Pittsburgh is just a 10 minute walk from Downtown and originally housed the city’s major fruit terminal. Now, the Strip is a regular Saturday or Sunday morning trip for Pittsburgh to shop at Penn Mac and Stamoolis, enjoy a coffee from Allegheny Coffee and Tee, and grab breakfast at Pamela’s. Plenty to do within an easy walk!

Homewood Inn and Suites – located in the heart of the Strip!
AC Hotel – located right between the Strip and Downtown


Pittsburgh’s Downtown clears out after the work week ends, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of great restaurants and bars to check out! You’ll be within walking distance of the Strip District and the North Shore!

The Fairmont – if you’re feeling bad, bougie, and flush with cash, treat yourself to the Fairmont.
The Omni William Penn – if you’re feeling like you want some affordable, old school Pittsburgh vibes, check out the Omni William Penn


The next neighborhood up the Allegheny from the Strip District, Lawrenceville is where Pittsburgh’s trendiest and hippest restaurants and bars tend to be. There’s also a bowling alley (take cash) and a beautiful cemetery to walk through and see the fall leaves.

Tryp by Wyndham – located right in the heart of Lawrenceville. Easy access to Route 28 to get to the venue!

The North side / North Shore

The North Shore is where the city’s baseball and football teams play, but we know it better for Southern Tier and VooDoo brewing. You’ll be close a river walk with beautiful views of Downtown. We don’t know the football schedule, but if there is a game that weekend, maybe consider another neighborhood.

Hyatt Place North Shore – located closest to the water, plenty within walking distance!
Holiday Inn Expressparking nearby!


Not having gone to college in Pittsburgh, Ryan never had the privilege of trying to get home from the South Side after getting kicked out of Tiki Bar and it’s a 2 hour wait for a cab so you just walk back to Oakland.
Anyway, the South Side is the neighborhood closest to the venue, but farthest from our vibe. It has the highest concentration of bars in the country, so, you know…

Sheraton Station Square – okay, so technically Station Square isn’t the Southside but it’s the closest neighborhood. You can easily walk into Downtown across the Smithfield Street Bridge, take the T to the North Shore, or take the incline to Mt. Washington.
Holiday Inn Express – more in the heart of the Southside, you’ll have plenty of restaurants and bars to walk to.